adjourn etymology

English word adjourn comes from Latin diem, Latin diu, and later Latin diurnus (Daily. Of the day Day (medieval Latin only).)

Detailed word origin of adjourn

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
diem Latin (lat)
diu Latin (lat) Continually, all day. Long enough. Long, long while, for a long time.
diurnus Latin (lat) Daily. Of the day Day (medieval Latin only).
diurnum Latin (lat)
jor Old French (fro) Day (period of 24 hours).
ajorner Old French (fro)
adjourn English (eng) (intransitive) To end or suspend an event.. (intransitive, formal, uncommon) To move from one place to another.. (transitive) To defer; to put off temporarily or indefinitely.. (transitive) To postpone.

Words with the same origin as adjourn

Descendants of diem
Dies Journey Tuesday Wednesday abatjour churnalist circadian diarial diary diurnal diurnal aberration diurnal arc diurnalist diurnality equidiurnal hodiern journal journey journo meridian semidiurnal sine die terdiurnal triduan
Descendants of diu