adulticide etymology

English word adulticide comes from English -icide, English adult

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-icide English (eng)
adult English (eng) A fully grown human or animal.. A person who has reached the legal age of majority, generally 18 years of age. Containing material of an explicit sexual nature; of, or pertaining to, pornography.. Fully grown.. Intended for or restricted to adults rather than children.. Vulgar or profane. (nonstandard, rare) To (cause to) be or become an adult.
adulticide English (eng) (transitive) To treat with adulticide. A pesticide designed to kill adult insects rather than their larvae.

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Descendants of -icide
Christicide Islamicide amœbicide anaerobicidal anaerobicide attracticidal attracticide culturicidal culturicide elephanticide femicide geronticide humanicide lousicide muscicide pediculicide roboticide slimicide sporicide termiticide weedicide
Descendants of adult
kidult kidulthood