advergame etymology

English word advergame comes from English set, English advertisement

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set English (eng) (UK, education) To divide a class group in a subject according to ability (of hair) Fixed in a certain style.. Fixed in one’s opinion.. Fixed in position.. Intent, determined (to do something).. Prearranged.. Ready, prepared.. Rigid, solidified. (Scotland) To suit; to become.. (ambitransitive) To fit music to words.. (ambitransitive) To place plants or shoots in the ground; to plant.. [...]
advertisement English (eng) (marketing) A commercial solicitation designed to sell some commodity, service or similar.. A public notice.. A recommendation of a particular product, service or person.
advergame English (eng) (informal) A computer game published by an advertiser in order to promote a product or service.

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ad advermation advertainment adverticle advertique advertorial infotisement malvertisement subvertisement