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English word adverticle comes from English article, English advertisement

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article English (eng) (archaic) A wench.. (dated) A distinct part.. (dated) Subject matter; concern.. (derogatory) A person.. (grammar) A part of speech that indicates, specifies and limits a noun (a, an, or the in English). In some languages the article may appear as an ending (e.g. definite article in Swedish) or there may be none (e.g. Russian, Pashto).. (obsolete) A precise point in time; a moment.. A member [...]
advertisement English (eng) (marketing) A commercial solicitation designed to sell some commodity, service or similar.. A public notice.. A recommendation of a particular product, service or person.
adverticle English (eng) (informal) An advertisement masquerading as an actual news or feature article in a newspaper or magazine.

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ad advergame advermation advertainment advertique advertorial infotisement malvertisement subvertisement