advertise etymology

English word advertise comes from Latin ad- (To.), Latin vertere, Latin verto, Old French avertir

Detailed word origin of advertise

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ad- Latin (lat) To.
vertere Latin (lat)
verto Latin (lat) I exchange. I retreat. I reverse (transitive). I translate. I turn around. I turn, revolve.
avertir Old French (fro) (reflexive, s'avertir) to notice; to remark. To inform; to notify.
adverto Latin (lat) I give or draw attention to. I steer or pilot (a ship). I turn to or towards.
avertir French (fra) To notify. To warn, to avert.
advertir Middle French (frm) To warn.
advertere Latin (lat)
advertir Old French (fro)
avertir Anglo-Norman (xno)
advertise English (eng) (intransitive) To provide information about a person or goods and services to influence others. [from 18th c.]. (transitive) To give (especially public) notice of (something); to announce publicly. [from 15th c.]. (transitive) To provide public information about (a product, service etc.) in order to attract public awareness and increase sales. [from 19th c.]. (transitive, now, _, rare) To [...]

Words with the same origin as advertise

Descendants of ad-
accept accident according add address admit affair agree alien appear appreciate around arrest arrive aside asleep assume attention attorney available disappear huge rest round size
Descendants of vertere
ad adversary advertisement anniversary controversial controversy diverse diversion divert divorce vertigo vortex
Descendants of verto
conversion convert convertible diversity pervert reverse travis uni unison universe varsity verse versus