aeolotropic etymology

English word aeolotropic comes from English -tropic, English aeolo-

Detailed word origin of aeolotropic

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-tropic English (eng) (science) affecting or attracted to the thing specified. (science) turning or changing.
aeolo- English (eng) (rare, now mainly, _, historical) Used to form the names of musical instruments that use a vibrating reed. In continuous change.
aeolotropic English (eng) (physics) Pertaining to aeolotropy; of a body or substance, having physical properties (e.g., electric conductivity, refractive index) that depend on the direction in which they are measured.

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adrenotropic chronotropic ecotropic endosomotropic enterotropic gravitropic hepatotropic idiotropic immunotropic lactotropic lipotropic lyotropic mucosotropic musculotropically oculotropic orthotropic osteotropic plagiotropic renotropic reticulotropic thixotropic thyrotropic xenotropic æolotropic