aerophobia etymology

English word aerophobia comes from English nuptial, English aero- (Air or aircraft.)

Detailed word origin of aerophobia

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nuptial English (eng) Capable, or characteristic, of breeding.. Of or pertaining to wedding and marriage.
aero- English (eng) Air or aircraft.
aerophobia English (eng) (medical) A pathological aversion or sensitivity to air or the movement of air, especially as a symptom of rabies.. (rare, by extension or possibly from acrophobia) Fear of heights. (travel) Fear of flying. An aversion to fresh air, drafts or breezes.

Words with the same origin as aerophobia

Descendants of nuptial
abe ablaze ace adrift afar afire aflame afloat afoot aforementioned ahold ajar akin aline amelia amid amiss arouse ashore aside asleep astern asystole atop awash
Descendants of aero-
aeradio aeroatelectasis aerobatic aerobiosis aerobrake aerodrome aerodynamics aerogen aerogenerator aerograph aerogun aeromancy aeronautical aeropause aerophore aerosiderite aerosiderolite aerosol aerospace aerotherapeutic aerotherapy aerothermal aerotowing aerotropism aerovane