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English word afloat comes from English a-, English float

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a- English (eng) (no longer productive) Away from. [First attested from around 1150 to 1350.] (no longer productive) forming words with the sense of wholly, or utterly out[First attested from around 1150 to 1350.] (no longer productive) Of, from. [First attested prior to 1150.] Not, without, opposite of. (no longer productive) Towards; Used to indicate direction, reduction to, increase to, change into, or [...]
float English (eng) (computing, transitive) To cause (an element within a document) to float above or beside others.. (intransitive) Of an object or substance, to be supported by a liquid of greater density than the object so as that part of the object or substance remains above the surface.. (intransitive) To automatically adjust a parameter as related parameters change.. (intransitive) To be capable of [...]
afloat English (eng) Covered with water bearing floating articles; flooded.. Making successful progress under one's own steam. (Can we add an example for this sense?). Out at sea.. Floating.

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abe ace adrift afar ahold amelia arouse ashore aside asleep