aforegoing etymology

English word aforegoing comes from English afore- (Previously.), English going

Detailed word origin of aforegoing

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afore- English (eng) Previously.
going English (eng) (especially, after a noun phrase with a superlative) Available.. Current, prevailing.. Likely to continue; viable.. That attends habitually or regularly. (figurative) Conditions for advancing in any way.. (in the plural) Course of life; behaviour; doings; ways.. (obsolete) pregnancy; gestation; childbearing. A departure.. The suitability of ground for riding, walking etc.. Progress.
aforegoing English (eng) Preceding, going before.

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Descendants of afore-
aforecited aforedescribed aforelinked aforelisted aforementioned aforenamed aforenoted aforesaid aforespecified aforestated aforethought aforetime
Descendants of going
gawn gwine