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English word aftercare comes from English after-, English care

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after- English (eng) (rare, or, no longer productive) With contrary, subordinate, or remote effect; denoting hindrance, setback, inferiority, etc.. With adverbial or adjectival effect, forming compound words indicating something that comes afterwards in spacial position or time.. With prepositional effect, forming compound words denoting something which follows the second element of the compound.
care English (eng) (intransitive) Polite or formal way to say want.. (intransitive) To be mindful of.. (intransitive) To look after.. (intransitive) To be concerned about, have an interest in. (obsolete) Grief, sorrow.. Close attention; concern; responsibility.. Maintenance, upkeep.. The object of watchful attention or anxiety.. The state of being cared for by others.. The treatment of those in need [...]
aftercare English (eng) (medicine) The care given to a patient during recovery from an operation or after hospitalization.

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