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English word aftermarket comes from English after-, English market

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after- English (eng) (rare, or, no longer productive) With contrary, subordinate, or remote effect; denoting hindrance, setback, inferiority, etc.. With adverbial or adjectival effect, forming compound words indicating something that comes afterwards in spacial position or time.. With prepositional effect, forming compound words denoting something which follows the second element of the compound.
market English (eng) (obsolete) The price for which a thing is sold in a market; hence, value; worth.. A formally organized, sometimes monopolistic, system of trading in specified goods or effects.. A geographical area where a certain commercial demand exists.. A group of potential customers for one's product.. An organised, often periodic, trading event at such site.. City square or other fairly spacious site [...]
aftermarket English (eng) (business) The industry that serves that market, e.g. in automobiles or computers.. (business) The market for goods and services surrounding capital purchases of equipment and of software.. (finance) Trading activity in a security immediately following its initial offering to the public.

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