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English word afterward comes from English after, English -ward

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after English (eng) Behind; later in time; following. (Irish, usually, preceded by a form of be, followed by an -ing form of a verb) Used to indicate recent completion of an activity. (dated) According to an author or text.. (obsolete) According to the direction and influence of; in proportion to; befitting.. As a result of.. Behind.. Denoting the aim or object; concerning; in relation to.. In allusion to, in [...]
-ward English (eng) Forming adjectives, as in "a backward look", "the northward road", etc; used even by speakers who usually use -wards for adverbs.. Forming adverbs denoting course or direction to, or motion or tendency toward, as in "backward", "toward", "forward", etc.
afterward English (eng) (US).

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awkward downward onward wayward