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English word ageism comes from English age, English -ism

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age English (eng) (countable) A generation.. (countable) A great period in the history of the Earth.. (countable) A particular period of time in history, as distinguished from others.. (countable) A period of one hundred years; a century.. (countable) One of the stages of life.. (countable) The number of full years, months, days, hours, etc., that someone, or something, has been alive.. (countable) The people [...]
-ism English (eng) (medicine) Used to form names of conditions or syndromes. Used to form names of a tendency of behaviour, action, state, condition or opinion belonging to a class or group of persons, or the result of a doctrine, ideology or principle or lack thereof.. Used to form names of ideologies expressing belief in the superiority of a certain class within the concept expressed by the root word, or a [...]
ageism English (eng) The treating of a person or people differently from others based on assumptions or stereotypes relating to their age.

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