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English word agelessness comes from English -ness, English ageless

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-ness English (eng) Appended to adjectives to form nouns meaning "the state of being(the adjective)", "the quality of being(the adjective)", or "the measure of being(the adjective)".. Appended to words of other parts of speech to form nouns (often nonce words or terms in philosophy) meaning the state/quality/measure of the idea represented by these words.
ageless English (eng) (relative to future) Continuing infinitely or indefinitely.. (relative to past) Having existed for so great a period of time that its longevity cannot be expressed.. Always appearing youthful; never seeming to age.
agelessness English (eng) The state or quality of being ageless.

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awareness cleanliness craziness darkness dizziness emptiness express fondness foolishness happiness highness illness kindness nothingness readiness selfishness shyness strength talent tenderness ugliness unhappiness weakness weirdness willingness