allotriomorph etymology

English word allotriomorph comes from Ancient Greek ἀλλότρια, English -morph (Morpheme. Shape, form, structure.)

Detailed word origin of allotriomorph

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ἀλλότρια Ancient Greek (grc)
-morph English (eng) Morpheme. Shape, form, structure.
allotriomorph English (eng) (geology) A mineral that did not develop its otherwise typical external crystal form because of late crystallization between earlier formed crystals, typical of matrix minerals in rapidly crystallizing volcanic lavas and shallow igneous intrusions.

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Descendants of -morph
allomorphic amorph dimorph ectomorphic endomorph endomorphic gynomorph homoeomorphous hypermorph ichthyomorph karyomorph nematomorph neomorph olenimorph perimorph polymorph polymorphic protomorph pseudomorph pseudomorphic rhizomorph trimorph xenomorphous xeromorph