amniochorion etymology

English word amniochorion comes from English amnio- (Amnion; amniotic.), English chorion

Detailed word origin of amniochorion

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amnio- English (eng) Amnion; amniotic.
chorion English (eng) (anatomy, biology) The protective and nutritive membrane in higher vertebrates that attaches the fetus to the uterus.. (biology, entomology) The outer case of an insect egg.. (botany) The outer membrane of seeds of plants.
amniochorion English (eng) The amnion and chorion considered as a single unit.

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Descendants of amnio-
amnioblast amniocardiac amniocele amniochorial amniocyte amnioexchange amniogenesis amniogenic amniographic amniography amnioinfusion amniomancy amnioreduction amnioscope amniotomy
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