amphidiploid etymology

English word amphidiploid comes from English diploid, English amphi- (Both.)

Detailed word origin of amphidiploid

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diploid English (eng) (crystallography) Of a certain symmetry class with 24 congruent irregular quadrilateral faces.. (cytology) Of a cell, having a pair of each type of chromosome, one of the pair being derived from the ovum and the other from the spermatozoon. Most somatic cells of higher organisms are diploid.. (cytology) Of an organism, having diploid cells. A cell which is diploid.. An organism with diploid cells.
amphi- English (eng) Both.
amphidiploid English (eng) (genetics) Having a diploid set of chromosomes from each of its parents (biology) Such an organism.

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Descendants of amphi-
amphiberingian amphichiral amphicontinental amphicoronate amphidelphic amphidisc amphidynamic amphiequatorial amphigamous amphigen amphigony amphihexahedral amphihexahedron amphinucleolus amphipathic amphiphile amphiphyte amphiplatyan amphiprotic amphiproticity amphistomatic amphitrophic amphitropic amphitropical