amphidisc etymology

English word amphidisc comes from English disc, English amphi- (Both.)

Detailed word origin of amphidisc

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disc English (eng) (agriculture) To harrow with a disc harrow. (anatomy) An intervertebral disc.. A thin, flat, circular plate or similar object.. A vinyl phonograph / gramophone record.. Something resembling a disc.
amphi- English (eng) Both.
amphidisc English (eng) (zoology) A small siliceous spicule having a denticulate wheel at each end, found in freshwater sponges.

Words with the same origin as amphidisc

Descendants of disc
Discman MiniDisc
Descendants of amphi-
amphiberingian amphichiral amphicontinental amphicoronate amphidelphic amphidiploid amphidynamic amphiequatorial amphigamous amphigen amphigony amphihexahedral amphihexahedron amphinucleolus amphipathic amphiphile amphiphyte amphiplatyan amphiprotic amphiproticity amphistomatic amphitrophic amphitropic amphitropical