amphipathic etymology

English word amphipathic comes from English amphi- (Both.), English -pathic (Adjectival form of suffix -pathy.)

Detailed word origin of amphipathic

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amphi- English (eng) Both.
-pathic English (eng) Adjectival form of suffix -pathy.
amphipathic English (eng) (biochemistry) Of the surface(s) on a protein, particularly an alpha helix, where one surface of the alpha helix has hydrophilic amino acids and the opposite face has hydrophobic (or lipophilic) amino acids.. (chemistry) Describing a molecule, such as a detergent, which has both hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups.

Words with the same origin as amphipathic

Descendants of amphi-
amphiberingian amphichiral amphicontinental amphicoronate amphidelphic amphidiploid amphidisc amphidynamic amphiequatorial amphigamous amphigen amphigony amphihexahedral amphihexahedron amphinucleolus amphiphile amphiphyte amphiplatyan amphiprotic amphiproticity amphistomatic amphitrophic amphitropic amphitropical
Descendants of -pathic
aeropathic autopathic bureaupathic cyberpathic cytopathic dermatopathic dermatopathic lymphadenopathy dermopathic heteropathic homeopathic idiopathic monopathic narcopathic neuronopathic neuropathic neuropathically nonneuropathic osteopathic polyneuropathic protopathic psychopathic sociopathic theopathic vasculoneuropathic