amphitropical etymology

English word amphitropical comes from English tropical, English amphi- (Both.)

Detailed word origin of amphitropical

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tropical English (eng) (dated) Pertaining to, involving, or of the nature of a trope or tropes; metaphorical, figurative.. (maths) Pertaining to tropical geometry.. From or similar to a hot humid climate, e.g. tropical fruit, tropical weather.. Of or pertaining to the tropics, the equatorial region between 23 degrees north and 23 degrees south. A tropical plant.
amphi- English (eng) Both.
amphitropical English (eng) (biology) That lives north or south of the equator, but not in the tropics.

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Descendants of tropical
ITF troppo
Descendants of amphi-
amphiberingian amphichiral amphicontinental amphicoronate amphidelphic amphidiploid amphidisc amphidynamic amphiequatorial amphigamous amphigen amphigony amphihexahedral amphihexahedron amphinucleolus amphipathic amphiphile amphiphyte amphiplatyan amphiprotic amphiproticity amphistomatic amphitrophic amphitropic