amyloidosis etymology

English word amyloidosis comes from English amyloid, English -osis

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amyloid English (eng) A waxy compound of protein and polysaccharides that is found deposited in tissues in amyloidosis.. Any of various starchlike substances. (mycology) Applied to a mushroom that turns blue-black upon application of Melzer's reagent.. Containing or resembling starch.
-osis English (eng) (pathology) functional disease or condition such as hepatosis. Formation, increase. Process, action.
amyloidosis English (eng) (medicine) Any of a group of disorders in which the fibrous protein amyloid is deposited in an organ of the body.

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acidosis cirrhosis cyanosis dermatophytosis fibrosis halitosis hemochromatosis hypnosis ketoacidosis koilocytosis leptospirosis leukosis lipofuscinosis lycoperdonosis mannosidosis mucolipidosis narcosis neurotic psittacosis psychosis sarcoidosis siderosis toxoplasmosis trichinosis