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English word anafunctor comes from English functor, English ana-

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functor English (eng) (category theory) A morphism between two categories which maps objects from the source category to objects of the target category and arrows from the source category to arrows of the target category, in such a way as to preserve domains and codomains (of the arrows), preserve composition, and preserve identities.. (grammar) a function word. (object-oriented programming) a function object.
ana- English (eng) Again. Apiece (Can we add an example for this sense?). Backward. Excessive. On. Up.
anafunctor English (eng) (maths) A generalized functor that does not employ the axiom of choice.

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anabiosis anabranch anacampylotropous anacolpate anadrome anafront anagen anagenesis analept analeptic anamorphism ananym anaplasic anaporate anaprotaspis anaseismic anastatic anastatically anataxis anatocism anatoxin anatreme anatropy