anagenesis etymology

English word anagenesis comes from English -genesis (Origin. Production.), English ana-

Detailed word origin of anagenesis

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-genesis English (eng) Origin. Production.
ana- English (eng) Again. Apiece (Can we add an example for this sense?). Backward. Excessive. On. Up.
anagenesis English (eng) The evolution of a new species by the large scale change in gene frequency so that the new species replaces the old rather than branching to produce an additional species.

Words with the same origin as anagenesis

Descendants of -genesis
aerogenesis amyloidogenesis androgenesis baryogenesis cacogenesis carcinomagenesis cementogenesis digenetic dysgenesis embryogenesis enteropathogenesis hadrogenesis hematogenesis hepatogenesis mitogenesis monogenesis nephrogenesis neurogenesis noegenesis organogenesis orthogenesis osteogenesis parthenogenesis retinogenesis virogenesis
Descendants of ana-
anabiosis anabranch anacampylotropous anacolpate anadrome anafront anafunctor anagen analept analeptic anamorphism ananym anaplasic anaporate anaprotaspis anaseismic anastatic anastatically anataxis anatocism anatoxin anatreme anatropy