analog etymology

English word analog comes from Ancient Greek λόγῳ, Ancient Greek ἀνά, and later French analogue (Analogous.)

Detailed word origin of analog

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λόγῳ Ancient Greek (grc)
ἀνά Ancient Greek (grc)
ἀνάλογος Ancient Greek (grc)
analogue French (fra) Analogous.
analog English (eng) (of a device or system) in which the value of a data item (such as time) is represented by a continuous(ly) variable physical quantity that can be measured (such as the shadow of a sundial) (chemistry) a structural derivative of a parent compound that often differs from it by a single element. (countable) something that bears an analogy to something else. (countable, biology) an organ or [...]

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Descendants of ἀνά
ana anachronism anachronistic anagram anagrammatisation analyser analysis analyze anaphoric anaphylaxis anathema anatomy aneurysm atomy autoion breathalyzer byion counterion electroanalysis ionic lex polyanion stratoanalysis urinalysis