anaphora etymology

English word anaphora comes from Ancient Greek φορέω, Ancient Greek ἀνά

Detailed word origin of anaphora

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φορέω Ancient Greek (grc)
ἀνά Ancient Greek (grc)
ἀναφορά Ancient Greek (grc)
anaphora English (eng) (Christianity) The most solemn part of the Divine Liturgy or the Mass during which the offerings of bread and wine are consecrated as body and blood of Christ. (linguistics) An expression that can refer to virtually any referent, the specific referent being defined by context.. (linguistics) An expression that refers to a preceding expression.. (rhetoric) The repetition of a phrase at the [...]

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Descendants of ἀνά
ana anachronism anachronistic anagram anagrammatisation analog analyser analysis analyze anaphoric anaphylaxis anathema anatomy aneurysm atomy autoion breathalyzer byion counterion electroanalysis ionic lex polyanion stratoanalysis urinalysis