anaphylaxis etymology

English word anaphylaxis comes from Ancient Greek ἀνά, Ancient Greek φύλαξις

Detailed word origin of anaphylaxis

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ἀνά Ancient Greek (grc)
φύλαξις Ancient Greek (grc)
anaphylaxis English (eng) A severe and rapid systemic allergic reaction to an allergen, causing a constriction of the trachea, preventing breathing; anaphylactic shock.. Extreme sensitivity to a substance such as a foreign protein or drug.

Words with the same origin as anaphylaxis

Descendants of ἀνά
ana anachronism anachronistic anagram anagrammatisation analog analyser analysis analyze anaphoric anathema anatomy aneurysm atomy autoion breathalyzer byion counterion electroanalysis ionic lex polyanion stratoanalysis urinalysis
Descendants of φύλαξις
chemoprophylaxis homeoprophylaxis immunoprophylaxis monoprophylaxis prophylactic prophylaxis psychoprophylaxis seroprophylaxis thromboprophylaxis zooprophylaxis