anastatic etymology

English word anastatic comes from English ana-, English -static

Detailed word origin of anastatic

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ana- English (eng) Again. Apiece (Can we add an example for this sense?). Backward. Excessive. On. Up.
-static English (eng) Used in adjectives relating to nouns with the suffix -stasis.
anastatic English (eng) Of or pertaining to anastasis.

Words with the same origin as anastatic

Descendants of ana-
anabiosis anabranch anacampylotropous anacolpate anadrome anafront anafunctor anagen anagenesis analept analeptic anamorphism ananym anaplasic anaporate anaprotaspis anaseismic anastatically anataxis anatocism anatoxin anatreme anatropy
Descendants of -static
angiostatic bacteriostatic biostatic carcinostatic cryostatic cytostatic cytostatically fungistatic haemostatic hemostatic thermostatic