ancestral etymology

English word ancestral comes from Latin ante- (Before.), Latin cess-, Latin cedo

Detailed word origin of ancestral

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ante- Latin (lat) Before.
cess- Latin (lat)
cedo Latin (lat) (intransitive) I am inferior to, yield to in rank.. (intransitive) I disappear, pass away, vanish.. (intransitive) I go, move, proceed, go along, move along.. (intransitive) I result, turn out, happen.. (intransitive) I withdraw, depart, retire, go away from.. (intransitive, military) I withdraw, fall back, give up my post.. (intransitive, with dative or in +acc.) I fall (to) (as a [...]
antecedo Latin (lat) I excel or surpass. I precede (go before or in front of).
antecedere Latin (lat)
antecessor Late Latin (LL)
antecessor Latin (lat) Predecessor. Vanguard, scout.
ancessor Old French (fro) Ancestor.
ancestrel Anglo-Norman (xno)
ancestral English (eng) Of, pertaining to, derived from, or possessed by, an ancestor or ancestors.

Words with the same origin as ancestral

Descendants of ante-
ancestor anticipation
Descendants of cedo
accessible accessory cease concede concession exceed grotesque necessary necessity precedent predecessor procedure proceed process processed procession succeed success successful succession