andromonoecy etymology

English word andromonoecy comes from English andro- (Human. Man, male.), English monoecy

Detailed word origin of andromonoecy

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andro- English (eng) Human. Man, male.
monoecy English (eng) (biology) the state of having both male and female sex organs; hermaphrodism.. (botany) the state of having pistils and stamens on separate flowers of the same plant.
andromonoecy English (eng) (botany) The production of both bisexual and male flowers on the same plant.

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Descendants of andro-
andragogy androblastoma androcracy androcratic androdioecism androdioecy androgen androgenemia androgyny andrology andromimetic andromorphic andropathy androphagous androphile androphore andropodium androsexual androsphere androsphinx androtomy anthro- anthrogenic xenoandrogen