androphagous etymology

English word androphagous comes from English andro- (Human. Man, male.), English -phagous (Used to form adjectives meaning "eating" or "feeding on".)

Detailed word origin of androphagous

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andro- English (eng) Human. Man, male.
-phagous English (eng) Used to form adjectives meaning "eating" or "feeding on".
androphagous English (eng) Inclined to eat human flesh.

Words with the same origin as androphagous

Descendants of andro-
andragogy androblastoma androcracy androcratic androdioecism androdioecy androgen androgenemia androgyny andrology andromimetic andromonoecy andromorphic andropathy androphile androphore andropodium androsexual androsphere androsphinx androtomy anthro- anthrogenic xenoandrogen
Descendants of -phagous
ampelophagous anthophagous anthropophagous bacteriophagous entomophagous geophagous haematophagous histiophagous lithophagous mycetophagous mycophagous nematophagous oligophagous oophagous ophiophagous ornithophagous ostreophagous pantophagous phytophagous polyphagous saproxylophagous xylophagous zoophagous zoöphagous