androphore etymology

English word androphore comes from English -phore (Bearer, carrier or conveyor.), English andro- (Human. Man, male.)

Detailed word origin of androphore

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-phore English (eng) Bearer, carrier or conveyor.
andro- English (eng) Human. Man, male.
androphore English (eng) (botany) A support or column on which stamens are raised.. (zoology) The part which, in some Siphonophorae, bears the male gonophores.

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Descendants of -phore
adenophorous carpophore chromophore electrophore gametophore iodophor luminophore mechanophore myophore necrophore nectophore odontophore onomatophore oophore oöphore phagophore pharmacophore photophore pogonophore polyphore rhinophoral semantophore siderophore zygophore
Descendants of andro-
andragogy androblastoma androcracy androcratic androdioecism androdioecy androgen androgenemia androgyny andrology andromimetic andromonoecy andromorphic andropathy androphagous androphile andropodium androsexual androsphere androsphinx androtomy anthro- anthrogenic xenoandrogen