anemogamy etymology

English word anemogamy comes from English anemo- (Wind.), English -gamy

Detailed word origin of anemogamy

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
anemo- English (eng) Wind.
-gamy English (eng) (biology) Used to form nouns describing forms of fertilization, pollination or reproduction.. Used to form nouns describing forms of marriage.
anemogamy English (eng) (botany) The dispersal of pollen by the wind.

Words with the same origin as anemogamy

Descendants of anemo-
anemochory anemogram anemograph anemometer anemometry anemophilous anemophobia anemophyte anemoscope anemotaxis cup anemometer
Descendants of -gamy
adelphogamy allogamy anisogamous anisogamy apogamic bureaugamy deuterogamy dichogamy geitonogamy herkogamous herkogamy hierogamy hologamy hypergamy hypogamy isogamy karyogamic karyogamy octogamy oogamous oogamy plasmogamic sologamy zoögamy