anemometry etymology

English word anemometry comes from English -metry (Forming nouns relating to measures and measurement.), English anemo- (Wind.)

Detailed word origin of anemometry

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-metry English (eng) Forming nouns relating to measures and measurement.
anemo- English (eng) Wind.
anemometry English (eng) Measurement of the direction and velocity of the wind.

Words with the same origin as anemometry

Descendants of -metry
absorptiometry acidimetry archeometry bathymetry coulometry ergometry fluviometry heliometry isometry micrometry optometrist optometry phallometry photometry pneumatometry psychometry psychrometry scientometrist somatometry spectrometry stichometry telemetric telemetry zoometry
Descendants of anemo-
anemochory anemogamy anemogram anemograph anemometer anemophilous anemophobia anemophyte anemoscope anemotaxis cup anemometer