angioregulatory etymology

English word angioregulatory comes from English regulatory (Of or pertaining to regulation.), English angio- (Relating to blood vessels or lymph vessels.)

Detailed word origin of angioregulatory

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
regulatory English (eng) Of or pertaining to regulation.
angio- English (eng) Relating to blood vessels or lymph vessels.
angioregulatory English (eng) That regulates the action of blood vessels.

Words with the same origin as angioregulatory

Descendants of regulatory
Descendants of angio-
angiitis angioarchitecture angiocath angiogenesis angiogram angiograph angiokeratosis angiokinase angiolith angiolymphatic angioma angioneuromyoma angioneurosis angiooedema angioparalysis angioplasty angioprevention angiopreventive angiorrhexis angiospastic angiosporous angiostatic angiotomy angiotropic