angiostatic etymology

English word angiostatic comes from English angio- (Relating to blood vessels or lymph vessels.), English -static

Detailed word origin of angiostatic

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angio- English (eng) Relating to blood vessels or lymph vessels.
-static English (eng) Used in adjectives relating to nouns with the suffix -stasis.
angiostatic English (eng) (medicine) That inhibits angiogenesis.

Words with the same origin as angiostatic

Descendants of angio-
angiitis angioarchitecture angiocath angiogenesis angiogram angiograph angiokeratosis angiokinase angiolith angiolymphatic angioma angioneuromyoma angioneurosis angiooedema angioparalysis angioplasty angioprevention angiopreventive angioregulatory angiorrhexis angiospastic angiosporous angiotomy angiotropic
Descendants of -static
anastatic anastatically bacteriostatic biostatic carcinostatic cryostatic cytostatic cytostatically fungistatic haemostatic hemostatic thermostatic