anisogamous etymology

English word anisogamous comes from English -gamous, English aniso-

Detailed word origin of anisogamous

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-gamous English (eng) Having the specified form of reproduction, or reproductive organs.. Having the specified number or form of marriage.
aniso- English (eng) Forming compounds words having the sense ‘unequal’ (often formed to contrast with similar words in iso-).
anisogamous English (eng) Being married to someone whose age differs by an unusually large degree from one's own.. Having a sexual partner whose age differs by an unusually large degree from one's own.

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Descendants of -gamous
agamous allogamous amphigamous anemogamous autogamous bigamous bureaugamous cryptogamous endogamous hemigamous heterogamous hologamous homogamous hydrogamous hypergamous monogamous oogamous orthogamous polygamous pseudogamous trigamous xenogamous
Descendants of aniso-
anisocytosis anisodactyly anisodiametric anisogamy anisohypermetropia anisometric anisomorphic anisomyope anisopetalous anisophyllous anisophylly anisopoikilocytosis anisospore anisosyllabic anisosyllabism anisothermal anisotrope anisotropic