antacid etymology

English word antacid comes from English anti-, English lactic (Of, relating to, or derived from milk.)

Detailed word origin of antacid

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anti- English (eng) (immunology) That reacts with immunoglobins found in the specified animal.. Against, hostile to.. Contrasting with the norm.. Counteracting, neutralizing.. Opposite of, reverse.. Physically opposite: applied to mountain ranges.. Related to antiparticles.
lactic English (eng) Of, relating to, or derived from milk.
antacid English (eng) An agent that counteracts or neutralizes acidity, especially in the stomach. Counteracting or neutralizing acidity, especially in the stomach.

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Descendants of anti-
anti antianxiety antibacterial antichrist anticlimax anticrime antidepressant antifreeze antigovernment antihero antihistamine antimatter antineoplaston antioxidant antipersonnel antiperspirant antipsychotic antisocial antitank antitrust antivenin antivenom antiviral antivirus
Descendants of lactic
lactimide lacturamic acid lactyl