anthranilic etymology

English word anthranilic comes from English anthracene, English anil

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anthracene English (eng) (organic compound) A tricyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (an acene containing three fused rings) obtained from coal tar; used in the manufacture of wood preservatives, insecticides and the dye alizarin; it is isomeric with phenanthrene.
anil English (eng) (organic chemistry) Any imine in which the N-radical is a phenyl (or substituted phenyl) group.. The indigo shrub; or the indigo dye obtained from the plant.
anthranilic English (eng) (organic chemistry) Of or pertaining to anthranilic acid or its derivatives.

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Descendants of anthracene
aminophenanthrene anthra- diazaphenanthrene dihydrophenanthrene diphenanthrene phenanthrene phenanthrol