anthroparchy etymology

English word anthroparchy comes from English -archy (Form of government or rule.), English anthropo- (Forming words related to men or people.)

Detailed word origin of anthroparchy

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-archy English (eng) Form of government or rule.
anthropo- English (eng) Forming words related to men or people.
anthroparchy English (eng) A social system of attitudes, practices, and institutions through which the natural world is dominated to the benefit of humans.

Words with the same origin as anthroparchy

Descendants of -archy
biarchy cryptarchy demarchy exilarchy hagiarchy hecatarchy heterarchy hydrarchy hyperarchy iatrarchy kritarchy kyriarchal kyriarchy minarchy ochlarchy octarchy paparchy partyarchy patriarchate phylarchy polyarchic polyarchy squirearchy triarchy
Descendants of anthropo-
Anthropozoic anthropism anthropobiome anthropocentric anthropocentrism anthropochore anthropogenous anthropogeny anthropogeography anthropoglot anthropography anthropoid anthropolater anthropomorphic anthropomorphically anthropophagy anthropophobe anthropophonics anthropophyte anthroporadiometry anthroposociological anthroposphere anthropotechnics anthropotoponym