anthrophony etymology

English word anthrophony comes from English -phony (Forms nouns related to sound or musical structure.), English anthro- ((nonstandard).)

Detailed word origin of anthrophony

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-phony English (eng) Forms nouns related to sound or musical structure.
anthro- English (eng) (nonstandard).
anthrophony English (eng) Any sound produced by human beings or their creations.

Words with the same origin as anthrophony

Descendants of -phony
Anglophony anthrophonic autophony biophonic biophony bronchophony echophony egophony euphonic euphonious euphony geophonic holophony homophony laryngophony micropolyphonic nonpolyphonic orthophony photophony pleophony polyphonic polyphonically polyphony stereophony
Descendants of anthro-
anthrobot anthroconservatism anthrohistory anthromorphic anthrophobe anthrosol anthrosylvan anthroturbation anthrozoology