anthropophilic etymology

English word anthropophilic comes from English anthropo- (Forming words related to men or people.), English -philic

Detailed word origin of anthropophilic

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anthropo- English (eng) Forming words related to men or people.
-philic English (eng)
anthropophilic English (eng) Preferring human beings to other animals. It especially alludes to (i) bloodsucking arthropods such as mosquitos, denoting the preference of a parasite for the human host as a source of blood or tissues over an animal host; and (ii) dermatophytic fungi which grow preferentially on humans.

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Descendants of anthropo-
Anthropozoic anthroparchy anthropism anthropobiome anthropocentric anthropocentrism anthropochore anthropogenous anthropogeny anthropogeography anthropoglot anthropography anthropoid anthropolater anthropomorphic anthropomorphically anthropophagy anthropophobe anthropophonics anthropophyte anthroporadiometry anthroposociological anthroposphere anthropotechnics anthropotoponym
Descendants of -philic
Americophilic Israelophilic Italophilic Sinophilic aerophilic androphilic azophilic biastophilic bibliophilic congophilic cytophilic fluorophilic halophilic iodophilic lipophilicity metallophilic metallophilicity neutrinophilic nyctophilic oleophilic rheophilic scatophilic theophilic thermophilic