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English word antifreeze comes from English anti-, English freeze

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anti- English (eng) (immunology) That reacts with immunoglobins found in the specified animal.. Against, hostile to.. Contrasting with the norm.. Counteracting, neutralizing.. Opposite of, reverse.. Physically opposite: applied to mountain ranges.. Related to antiparticles.
freeze English (eng) (figuratively) To lose or cause to lose warmth of feeling; to shut out; to ostracize.. (intransitive) (of machines and software) To come to a sudden halt, stop working (functioning).. (intransitive) (of people and other animals) To stop (become motionless) or be stopped due to attentiveness, fear, surprise, etc.. (intransitive) Especially of a liquid, to become solid due to low temperature.. [...]
antifreeze English (eng) (automobiles) Automotive antifreeze, a solution of ethylene glycol, used as an additive to water or replacement for water, in the radiators of motorcars.. (aviation) Deicer, a heated glycol solution used to remove ice from the aerodynamic surfaces of airplanes, and prevent icing while on the tarmac.. A substance, such as glycol, used to lower the freezing point of water;.

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antacid anti antianxiety antibacterial antichrist anticlimax anticrime antidepressant antigovernment antihero antihistamine antimatter antineoplaston antioxidant antipersonnel antiperspirant antipsychotic antisocial antitank antitrust antivenin antivenom antiviral antivirus
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