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English word antimatter comes from English matter, English anti-

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matter English (eng) (dated) Pus.. (obsolete) Inducing cause or reason, especially of anything disagreeable or distressing.. (obsolete) The essence; the pith; the embodiment.. (philosophy) Aristotelian: undeveloped potentiality subject to change and development; formlessness. Matter receives form, and becomes substance.. (physics) Matter made up of normal particles, not antiparticles. (Non-antimatter matter).. [...]
anti- English (eng) (immunology) That reacts with immunoglobins found in the specified animal.. Against, hostile to.. Contrasting with the norm.. Counteracting, neutralizing.. Opposite of, reverse.. Physically opposite: applied to mountain ranges.. Related to antiparticles.
antimatter English (eng) (physics) A form of matter that has a key property, such as charge, opposite to that of ordinary matter.. (physics) Matter that is composed of the antiparticles of those that constitute normal matter.

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