anuria etymology

English word anuria comes from English an-, English -uria

Detailed word origin of anuria

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an- English (eng) A prefix of Anglo-Saxon origin, a reduced form of and-. A prefix of Anglo-Saxon origin, the same as on-. Not; used to make words that have a sense opposite to the word (or stem) to which the prefix is attached. Used with stems that begin with vowels and "h".
-uria English (eng) (pathology) Referring to the state or condition of the urine.
anuria English (eng) (medicine) A condition in which the kidneys do not produce urine.

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Descendants of an-
anadenia anaerobiontic anaesthesia anaesthetical anamniote anaortic anaphrodisiac anapodeictic anarthritic anecumene anelastic anestrus aneuploid anhepatic anholonomy anhydrase anhydroecgonine aniridic anisotomic anisotopically anorogenic anovulatory anoxic anslaight deuteranopia
Descendants of -uria
amyluria bacilluria candiduria crystalluria cystathioninuria erythrocyturia erythruria fructosuria haemoglobinuria histidinuria hydruria hyperaminoaciduria hyperproteinuria hypocitraturia melanuria oligouria paruria peptonuria phosphaturia phosphoruria saccharosuria spermaturia uraturia urobilinuria