aperturate etymology

English word aperturate comes from English aperture, English -ule ((rare, scientific) Diminutive suffix.)

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aperture English (eng) (astronomy, photography) The diameter of the aperture (in the sense above) which restricts the width of the light path through the whole system. For a telescope, this is the diameter of the objective lens.. (mathematics, rare, of a right circular cone) The maximum angle between the two generatrices.. (optics) Something which restricts the diameter of the light path through one plane in an [...]
-ule English (eng) (rare, scientific) Diminutive suffix.
aperturate English (eng) (palynology, of a pollen grain) Having one or more apertures.

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angulaperturate apertural fossaperturate inaperturate planaperturate sinuaperturate triaperturate zona-aperturate
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dent dental dentist