apheliotropic etymology

English word apheliotropic comes from English apo-, English heliotropic (Exhibiting heliotropism.)

Detailed word origin of apheliotropic

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apo- English (eng) (chemistry) derived from, or related to. (proteins) the apoprotein form of the protein. Away from, or separate. Without, or lacking.
heliotropic English (eng) Exhibiting heliotropism.
apheliotropic English (eng) Turning away from the sun; said of leaves, etc.

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Descendants of apo-
apoaequorin apoapsides apoapsis apobaramin apobaraminic apocarotenoid apocarpous apocenter apocentric apoferment apoferritin apogalactic apogamic apogeotropic apolipoprotein apolune apomeiosis apomyoglobin apophallation apophlegmatic aporepressor aposematic aposyndetic subapocarpous