apocenter etymology

English word apocenter comes from English apo-, English center

Detailed word origin of apocenter

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apo- English (eng) (chemistry) derived from, or related to. (proteins) the apoprotein form of the protein. Away from, or separate. Without, or lacking.
center English (eng) (American football, Canadian football) The person who holds the ball at the beginning of each play.. (architecture) A temporary structure upon which the materials of a vault or arch are supported in position until the work becomes self-supporting.. (basketball) The player, generally the tallest, who plays closest to the basket.. (engineering) A conical recess or indentation in the end of a [...]
apocenter English (eng) (astronomy) The furthest point of an astronomical object in an elliptical orbit to its center of attraction (the principal focus of the ellipse).

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Descendants of apo-
apheliotropic apoaequorin apoapsides apoapsis apobaramin apobaraminic apocarotenoid apocarpous apocentric apoferment apoferritin apogalactic apogamic apogeotropic apolipoprotein apolune apomeiosis apomyoglobin apophallation apophlegmatic aporepressor aposematic aposyndetic subapocarpous
Descendants of center
Center Centerville barycentric barycentrically barycentricity