apocodeine etymology

English word apocodeine comes from English apo-, English codeine

Detailed word origin of apocodeine

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apo- English (eng) (chemistry) derived from, or related to. (proteins) the apoprotein form of the protein. Away from, or separate. Without, or lacking.
codeine English (eng) (pharmaceutical drug) An addictive alkaloid narcotic derived from opium and used as a hypnotic, analgesic and cough suppressant; often mixed with aspirin etc.
apocodeine English (eng) An alkaloid with chemical formula C18H19NO2, prepared from codeine, with effects like those of apomorphine.

Words with the same origin as apocodeine

Descendants of apo-
apheliotropic apoaequorin apoapsides apoapsis apobaramin apobaraminic apocarotenoid apocarpous apocenter apocentric apoferment apoferritin apogalactic apogamic apogeotropic apolipoprotein apolune apomeiosis apomyoglobin apophallation apophlegmatic aporepressor aposematic aposyndetic subapocarpous
Descendants of codeine
co-codaprin codeinone cuprofen dihydrocodeinone