apomeiosis etymology

English word apomeiosis comes from English apo-, English meiosis

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apo- English (eng) (chemistry) derived from, or related to. (proteins) the apoprotein form of the protein. Away from, or separate. Without, or lacking.
meiosis English (eng) (countable, rhetoric) A figure of speech whereby something is made to seem smaller or less important than it actually is; understatement.. (uncountable, cytology) Cell division of a diploid cell into four haploid cells, which develop to produce gametes.
apomeiosis English (eng) (cytology) A suppressed, or imperfect meiosis.

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Descendants of apo-
apheliotropic apoaequorin apoapsides apoapsis apobaramin apobaraminic apocarotenoid apocarpous apocenter apocentric apoferment apoferritin apogalactic apogamic apogeotropic apolipoprotein apolune apomyoglobin apophallation apophlegmatic aporepressor aposematic aposyndetic subapocarpous
Descendants of meiosis
Spanish tickler meiome