arabinose etymology

English word arabinose comes from English -ose, English arabin

Detailed word origin of arabinose

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-ose English (eng) (chemistry) Used to form the names of sugars. Full of, like.
arabin English (eng) (dated) Mucilage, especially that made of gum arabic.. (organic compound, dated) A carbohydrate, isomeric with cane sugar, found in gum arabic.
arabinose English (eng) (carbohydrate) An aldopentose that occurs most often in polysaccharides such as hemicellulose and pectin.

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Descendants of -ose
agarose arabinoside biose caseose cutose cytosine dambose decose dextrose favose fructose fructoside galactose gentianose granulose hexosamine lacunose octose paucimannose rhamnose rutinose streptose sucrose tremellose venulose